The Mission of the "World Parks System"®

The "World Parks ® System" ® is just a common sense approach to a need that is confronting us on a daily basis. "We are running out of room on Planet Earth, and we need to do something quickly". The things that are most critical to human life, Water, Air and Land are being destroyed at an astounding pace. The major question is, Why are we destroying them with such complete disregard?

Simply stated that are several geographic areas of the world that are important to all life on earth and these areas have been set aside (if only by adherents to this plan) as parks, much the same way that nations such as the United States and Canada (among other nations) have set aside land for National Parks.

The mission of the "World Parks ® System" ® Home Page is to increase the awareness of people for the need to set aside areas of our planet that are crucial for all life on earth.


"If we kill the Oceans, we kill ourselves".

"Killing the Oceans is suicide for all human life,
and Murder to all other life".

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