Immigration & Refugees

A Sensible Immigration Policy

A Nation will only admit immigrants from nations that are not over populated and that are from a nation that adheres to this immigration policy.

Each nation has a responsibility to the world to control it’s own population.

A Nation will not accept, immigrants, guest workers, refugees or anyone from a nation that is
over populated.

A Nation will not accept into it’s military or Coast Guard or Merchant Marine a person who is not a citizen of that nation.

Refugees must seek asylum from a neighboring nation. Persons seeking political asylum must seek asylum from a neighboring nation.

If a Nation allows its citizens to illegally immigrate to another nation, this may be considered an act of war by the Nation immigrants illegally enter.


"If we kill the Oceans, we kill ourselves".

"Killing the Oceans is suicide for all human life,
and Murder to all other life".

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